Romanian Soccer Brawl Features Goalie Biting Opponent, Lots of Cards and Chaos [Video]

On Wednesday, we saw the lighter side of Romanian soccer in the form of a botched bowling pin celebration. Today, it’s the darker side of Romanian soccer in the form of an unruly brawl between Petrolul and Gaz Metan Mediaș that featured goalie Mircea Bornescu taking a chomp on Tha’er Bawab, who promptly punched him in the face. There was also a lot of pushing and shoving along with plenty of red and yellow cards.

In short, another one of those incidents which makes European soccer look greeeeeeaaaaat to foreign observers

Either way, it appears Luis Suarez and Mike Tyson have some company on the biting bandwagon.

Pro tip: if you’re an athlete, don’t bite your opponent. It can be avoided and nothing good ever comes from it.

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[Via r/soccer]

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