Roundup: Greatest Ryan Lochte Takedown Ever & Confessions of a Strip Club Bathroom Attendant

minka kelly friday night lightsMinka Kelly … the decline of eye contact … 13 percent of Harvard’s graduating class had sex in the librarycolumnist apologies for ignorant Sergio Garcia column … say hello to this Florida Ice Panther dancer (16th picture, STAT) … arrested for stealing $500 worth of Crest white strips … for college grads unsure of what to do next, take cues from Taylor Swift? … he would have probably been OK if he said ‘men don’t understand women‘ … how twitter is changing the media … I’ve never heard of pickleball … did you know Friday was the most dangerous day of the week? … before you slap your girlfriend on the butt again, read this … DeAndre Jordan playing lacrosse … photographer arrested for allegedly taking upskirt photos at high school graduation … Bob Benson theories, for the Mad Men fans …

This piece is by far the greatest takedown of Ryan Lochte. A snippet: “He is a walking treatise on bro culture: driven only by his basest impulses, no restraint, going hard, going big, getting your back, shredded abs, hot dog/penis jokes, iPhone pictures of friends mid-vomit.” [Vice]

A series of photos of Erin Andrews nervously watching her boyfriend, Jarrett Stoll of the LA Kings. [Hot Clicks]

A Memphis writer chimes in on Bill Simmons/MLK/Grizzlies. [Memphis Flyer]

Chicharito is the man, but you already knew that. [Chronicle]

Confessions of a Strip Club Bathroom Attendant. [Cleveland Scene]

Former Tennessee volleyball player chimes in on the Julie Hermann “scandal.” [Erin Zammett Ruddy]

“Toronto Mayor Rob Ford told senior aides not to worry about a video appearing to show him smoking crack cocaine because he knew where it was, sources told the Star.” [Toronto Star]

Why did the Magic dumper announcer Matt Guokas? [Sentinel]

“Spider-Man and two Captain Americas in Hollywood brawl.” [CNET]

Make ’em say Uhh! is 16 years old? That was quick. [Grantland]

The new coach of the Sacramento Kings is Mike Malone, who was an assistant at Golden State. [Yahoo Sports]

Twenty-four year old Virginia man offers ride to 63-year-old woman. She pulled a knife on him and stole his car. [Viva Loudoun]

Not sure why this Greece TV news program aired a sex scene during the newscast.

An ostrich running through rush hour traffic in China.

Kid falls asleep, but it doesn’t impact his driving. [via Zeke]

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