Ryan Zimmerman: Nerds Are Wasting Time with PECOTA Because Hey, Things Happen

ryan zimmerman has thoughts on nerdsThe NBA and NFL aren’t strictly a numbers game like MLB is, which is why there’s more than a scintilla of truth in what Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals said when asked about Washington’s diminishing chances of reaching the postseason and World Series.

“How did that [model] work out for them the last couple of years? Not very well, right?” said Zimmerman. “That’s why nerds shouldn’t do that stuff.”

Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post writes that the struggling Nationals opened the season with an 11 percent chance to reach the World Series, and due to what has transpired so far, they only have a 3.9 percent chance now.

So I guess this makes this a buy-low opportunity? I’ll take a double order of the Nationals, please. [Washington Post]


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