Raiders Fire PR Director After Unflattering Story in Sports Ilustrated

If there’s one facet of the NFL we can virtually always rely on, it’s the Oakland Raiders doing foolish, oh so Raider-ish things, like firing their public relations director following what was perceived as a negative story in Sports Illustrated published.

The story by Jim Trotter published in late April speaks to, among other things, the transition from the Al Davis way to an era of “reason decision and planning for the long term,” so it appears Mark Davis, Al’s son, didn’t appreciate the notion that his father’s philosophy had been the wrong approach.

Nonetheless, this has naturally become the fault of PR director Zak Gilbert, who is now officially out of the job after being on leave since the article came out, seemingly for no other than reason than your typical rampant paranoia and unreasonable deflection within the Raiders organization.

On the plus side, working for a ginger goblin like Mark Davis had to have been somewhat of a haunting experience. And based on the no-win situation Gilbert walked into, I’m guessing someone will be giving him another chance sooner than later.

[via Denver Post]

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