Roy Hibbert Called Reporters "Motherf--kers," Thinks They Should Watch The Pacers More

Roy Hibbert Pacers

Roy Hibbert finished 10th in Defensive Player of the Year voting. He was not pleased about it. He decided to “be real” with reporters, who weren’t watching the Pacers during the regular season.

“You know what, because y’all motherf—ers don’t watch us play throughout the year, to tell you the truth,” Hibbert said, during a televised news conference following Indiana’s 91-77 victory over Miami in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals. “That’s fine. I’m going to be real with you. And I don’t care if I get fined. You know what, we play, we’re not on TV all the time. Reporters are the ones that are voting. And it is what it is. If I don’t make it, that’s fine. I’m still going to do what I have to do.”

Hibbert also used the phrase “no homo,” after claiming the Heat “stretched (him) out so much.” Guessing that may contribute to whatever fine he receives. Fortunately, he doesn’t care.

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