The Roundup: Antonio Cromartie Drives a Prius, Amorous Moose in Denver & Drinking a Beer Upside Down is Dangerous

Alexis KnappAlexis Knapp from Project X … “Amorous moose falls for Grand Lake statue” … some photos from the bloody crime scene of the Oscar Pistorius shoting … Navy football players are alleged to have raped a freshmanMichael Douglas says he got his cancer from oral sexthree storm chasers die in tornado near Oklahoma City … this man explains why he doesn’t stand for ‘God Bless America’ … the Arizona Wildcats’ assistant strength & conditioning coach charged with assaultNikki Finke out at Deadline Hollywood? … Justine Bateman, yes, the one from Family Ties, is a freshman at UCLA …

Antonio Cromartie drives a Prius. [Newsday]

Dan LeBatard is here to sufficiently get you crunk for Game 7. [Herald]

Explosive Lionel Hollins vs. John Hollinger story out of Memphis. [Yahoo Sports]

Those guys who prank called two NFL GMs? They are looking at five years in jail. [AP]

Depressing: “It’s 2013, and People Are Still Getting Worked Up About Interracial Couples in Ads.” [Ad Week]

Nice profile of Birdman, Birdman. [Chronicle]

“Ronald Holmes, father of former UCLA basketball star Shabazz Muhammad, was indicted Thursday on federal bank fraud and conspiracy charges.” [Review Journal]

Johns Hopkins lacrosse, after 130 years of independence, is headed to the Big Ten. [Tribune]

Phil Mushnick loves Mike Francesa: “Francesa, from behind his curtained lab in The Emerald City, tries to make a fool of someone — bullying and denigrating undeserving souls, in and out of the studio.” [NY Post]

“Instead of continuing to fool ourselves into believing that teams from Boulder and Fort Collins might one day be able to compete at the highest levels of the college football cesspool, maybe it’s time Colorado simply “resigned” from the sport altogether.” [Denver Post]

The Fosbury Flop has some thoughts on flopping in the NBA. [Fox Sports]

I laughed, then winched. [via Herbie]

My son can dance, but this kid’s on another level. (Probably older, too). [via Jimmy Traina]

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