Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade Will Come Through Tonight for Miami. Probably. I think.


1) In the last three games, two of which Miami has lost, Wade is 11-of-34 with 11 rebounds, 11 assists and eight turnovers. You don’t really want me to average those out, do you?

2) In the last three games, two of which Miami has lost, Bosh is 5-of-21 with 12 rebounds and eight fouls. The word that best summarizes him right now? Worthless.

Wade seems afraid to attack the hoop when Roy Hibbert is protecting it, might be injured, and is taking horrible jump shots. Bosh has been bitch slapped by David West. He’s been abused by Hibbert. Bosh, a softie to begin with – and man has he turned weak in Miami, drifting to the perimeter and eschewing contact – wants no part of West, who definitely seems ’bout that life.

But c’mon, there’s no way the Heat lose this, right? I know Paul George has been a revelation in this series, and Hibbert has made a lot of folks in the 2008 NBA draft look silly, and the Pacers had Game 1 won in Miami before Vogel screwed up, but there’s just no way LeBron lets Miami lose this.

(But Jason, you said that before Game 6! Well yeah, I say that before any pivotal LeBron game. He’s that good.)

Short of an injury to LeBron, I can’t see the Heat losing, even if Wade and Bosh shoot a combined 5-for-25. Someone like Norris Cole or Udonis Haslem or Mike Miller will hit a couple timely shots and LeBron will do the rest. I’ll guess 33 points, 11 assists, eight rebounds and Miami wins, 103-96.

That being said, my next NBA purchase will be Paul George. Dude’s game is sooooo nice.

Because you want to see it first!

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