Craig Sager Dunking On an Eight Foot Rim In Short Shorts Is a Delight [Video]

A young Craig “Skywalker” Sager throwing it off the very top of the backboard for a vicious two-handed slam that leaves the fashion icon and his candy cane short shorts flat on his back? Yes, please. Especially with Kenny and Charles carrying on in the background, with the Jet making a¬†Darryl Dawkins reference.

I’m pretty sure that hoop is the same one I dominated on during an impromptu slam dunk contest in 6th grade. I believe driveway glory was seized thanks to an earth rattling Dominique windmill.

* Sager is listed at 6’2. Judging by the shear ease and manliness of the dunk we’ve determined it’s an eight foot rim.

[via @mattejacob]

Because you want to see it first!

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