Deacon Jones Supported Equal Rights When It Came to Head Slaps for Men (and Women) [Video]

Deacon Jones was an all-time great football player. A Hall of Famer voted to the NFL’s 75th Anniversary team, Jones finished his career with 173.5 sacks. Many of those sacks came following Jones’ trademark move – the head slap.┬áIf you listen to Adam Carolla, you’re familiar with this clip of Deacon Jones talking about his head slap move.

“Anytime you go upside a man’s head – or a woman – then they have a tendency to blink they eyes. Or close they eyes.”

Unfortunately, the interviewer did not ask Jones to clarify that statement. Probably because no one thought about soundbytes like that back then, but also because Deacon Jones was not the kind of guy you ask to further explain himself. The NFL has since made the move illegal to use on both men and women.

Because you want to see it first!

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