JaMarcus Russell is Getting a Tryout With the Bears, But Nobody Will Give Tim Tebow a Shot. Damn.

jamarcus russellJaMarcus Russell, one of the most spectacular QB busts in NFL history, is getting a tryout with the Chicago Bears this week.

Russell, who was unbelievably given $31 million guaranteed by the Raiders, then proceeded to eat his way out of the NFL (and “drank” too), has a big arm. That’s about it. The good news* for Russell, who was 300 pounds just a few months ago, is that the Bears backup QBs are very suspect. So he’s got a legitimate shot to make the team.

How did Tim Tebow get dragged into this? Well, because it’s sad, that’s why. Yes, I know, Tebow comes with a lot of non-football baggage that teams are terrified of, and he can’t throw the football like QBs should, but this has to be the biggest slap in his face, ever. Would you rather have Russell as your 3rd QB or Tim Tebow – who you can actually use on 2-point conversions and near the goal line, as your 3rd QB?

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* Chicago is a great city for good – Alinea is probably the best restaurant I’ve ever been to.

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