Neymar Introduced at Barcelona, Crowd Reacts Like It's a Boy Band Concert [Video]

Spanish champions FC Barcelona introduced Brazilian wunderkind Neymar to the Camp Nou faithful Monday, a week after the club signed him to a five-year contract. Impressively thousands of fans flocked to see Neymar a) walk out on a blue carpet b) say a few words to the crowd c) juggle the balls for a couple seconds d) wave and (most importantly) e) model the 2013-14 Barcelona home shirt. Perhaps Barcelona could have waited until it got darker to incorporate a lazer light show, akin to what the Miami Heat did when it welcomed its Big Three to South Beach, but alas.

Events like this do little to dispell the notion Barcelona bought Neymar to help sell jerseys across the globe.

Once the Confederations Cup is over Neymar will team up with Lionel Messi to form one of the most tantalizing offensive combinations we’ve ever seen, at least that’s the theory. At worse the duo figures to be¬†the greatest video game 1-2 combination since Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning in “NBA Jam: Tournament Edition.”

Because you want to see it first!

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