Keith Olbermann is Heading to Turner as a Rental, but the Door is Not Shut on His Potential Return to ESPN

Olbermann discusses essence of a great assKeith Olbermann is returning to sports on television  … but not ESPN. Not yet, at least.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news this morning – 15 minutes before Turner sent out the press release, so clearly they were working together – that Olbermann will anchor Turner’s studio coverage of the MLB postseason in October. It was all very carefully worded, especially this part:

Sources say the deal has an option for the 2014 postseason as well.

Essentially, Olbermann is a 6-week(ish) rental for Turner. Not mentioned? This definitely does not shut the door for an Olbermann return to ESPN. Multiple sources at the network – who wished to remain anonymous – confirmed this to me.

So what’s the hold up between Olbermann and ESPN? Back in March, I predicted an Olbermann/ESPN decision could come in late-May. Was it put on hold to crank out this deal with Turner? Was it because ESPN wants to give him a radio show (also in that earlier post), but it is still juggling the lineup?

Stay tuned.

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