Man With 22 Children by 14 Women Conjures Memories of Antiono Cromartie & Walder Frey [Video]

Meet Orlando Shaw. Orlando has 22 children by 14 different women – that we know of. When asked by this reporter, Shaw says that he has “roughly 18” kids by 17 different women. When pressed to name them, Shaw declined, but did name a few. From OutKick the Coverage:

“All my boys names is Orlando. One of my boys names is Tyshawn, one of my boys names is Qualando. Then I’ve got Orlandria, Onesha, Omeeka. Okay, you get what I’m saying, I can name ’em. I got Miracle, I got Temeia, I got Will, I got ’em everywhere.”

Is it racist if I wonder if one of the kids names is actually, “M’everywhere?” Obviously, this will remind people of the famous Antonio Cromartie clip from Hard Knocks in 2010.

I’m sure Cromartie is going through the same thing Shaw is right now. You know, mentoring and talking to kids. And both these clips reminded me of the last episode of Game of Thrones. Before The Red Wedding, Walder Frey was pressed to name a number of his – however many – daughters and granddaughters. He did a reasonably good job considering his age and the fact that as the Lord of the Crossing he probably is up to date on all his child support.

Because you want to see it first!

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