Stephen Jackson Thinks the Spurs Cut Him Because He Wouldn't Admit Danny Green and Manu Ginobili Were Better Than Him

stephen jackson spurs popStephen Jackson, one of the best NBA quotes over the last decade, was waived by the Spurs in April, and thus won’t be partaking in the NBA Finals.

(Which sucks. Without question, Jackson would have had issues with Birdman at some point during the Finals.)

Buck Harvey of the Express-News caught up with Jackson this week – Captain Jack is on his way to Miami to enjoy the Finals – and found out what happened this season between Jackson and Popovich.

He admits now he sparred with Popovich for about half the season. And after Popovich released him just days before the regular season ended, Jackson posted this on Instagram:

“I would never say a player is better than me when I know their (sic) not. Not for no one. #uandiknowwhatsgoingon”

Tuesday he revealed who he was talking about: Danny Green and Manu Ginobili.

Jackson insists Popovich wanted him to admit Green and Ginobili were better. More than likely, Popovich simply told Jackson they were better. That’s why they were playing instead of him.

Pride wouldn’t let Jackson accept that, and he admitted as much Tuesday.

Manu Ginobili is unquestionably better than Jackson. Always has been. Danny Green? That’s up for debate. I wish I had a witty story to tell you about Pride – every man has dealt with this once or twice in his life – but every time I started to type one, I had to stop because it was far too revelatory. So bravo to you, Stephen Jackson, for coming clean with this tale.

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