Justin Bieber Refused to Be Photographed at Game 7 Until Someone Brought a Heat Dancer Over

Justin BieberRemember how Katherine Webb was the story out of the lousy BCS Championship game? Between Brent Musburger and Webb dating the winning QB, she was all anyone talked about following the 42-14 rout.

The same could be said about singer (punk?) Justin Bieber at Game 7 of Heat/Pacers. The game was unwatchable after the 2nd quarter, with Miami leading by double digits the entire way. Then Justin Bieber was photographed looking like this, and GAME OVER.

LeBron nearly hitting his head on the rim during this dunk, or Bieber’s silly hat-leather shirt combo? Paul George telling Mario Chalmers to stop flopping, or Bieber’s shades indoors?

Now, an interesting detail of how the photo came to be, courtesy of the Miami Herald:

Before the Heat game was even over, Youtie, who did post on her social media accounts that Bieber, who refused to be photographed until someone brought a Miami Heat dancer over, wasn’t the friendliest, she was getting threats from rabid fans

So Bieber gets courtside seats and treats the setting as if it were a strip club? It’s too bad he didn’t try to make it rain, or the internet would have surely broken. [via Miami Herald]

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