Vince Coleman's Incredible Drunk Interview in 1987 After the Cardinals Clinched the NL East [Video]

Back in 1987, after the St. Louis Cardinals clinched the NL East championship with a win over the Montreal Expos, reporter Art Holiday was inside the locker and despite beer and champagne flowing, kept it together and interviewed speedy outfielder Vince Coleman on live TV. Coleman begins by stumbling around and shouting a list of his teammates.

Then when Holliday asks him to be serious, Coleman sobers up before our eyes and goes into baseball cliche mode talking about consistency and what it takes to win championships. As soon as he finished answering that question, he immediately goes back to shouting “We number one!”

Coleman spent the first 6 years of his career in St. Louis. The Cardinals would reach the World Series in 1987 where they lost to the Minnesota Twins in 7 games. [video via StLousGameTime]

Because you want to see it first!

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