June 14th is Your Chance at $100,000 Playing 1-Day Fantasy Baseball

Sponsored By Draft Kings

Slogging your way through 162 lineup changes and crappy free agent pickups is out.  Playing 1-Day fantasy baseball for $100,000 is in.

As a Big Lead reader, you get an exclusive shot at the $100,000 prize pool on June 14th, simply by winning a ticket in this special contest on DraftKings.com.  It costs just $5 to enter, and even if you don’t come in the first, the top 10 finishers are paid out. Draft Kings Punch Out

Playing on DraftKings is simple and easy.  Simply visit DraftKings, select members of your team, and register to play.  Each player has a cost value, and your goal is to draft the best fantasy team possible while staying under the universal $50,000 cap. Once the games start, DraftKings has easy-to-follow live scoring so you can easily follow your players, watch your team accrue points, and see where you land by contest’s end. If you win, you’re paid out—it’s that simple. DraftKings is proud of its industry-leading payout process.

DK features daily fantasy games for your amusement and wallet across all the major sports. It’s easy to play, easy to win, and addictive enough to make the grind of baseball especially appealing.

It’s just $5!  Hurry up and enter!

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