Roundup: Kobe Bryant's Parents Apologize for Auction, Crazy Swedish Pizza & Why Are Baseball Games Taking So Long?

vanessa whiteVanessa White … the Purge won the weekend box office … very cool collection of dialect survey maps in this country … Kate Upton will be in a movie jumping around in a low-cut top … the NSA surveillance whistle blower outed himself … “12 Old War Photographs You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped” … Miley Cyrus loves to twerk … this is a powerful story about a family in Newtown, Connecticut coping six months after the tragic shooting … on 9th DUI, idiot says ‘beer is my coffee‘ … David Carr on Nikki Finke vs. Sharon Waxman … a prescient story on Federal eavesdropping – from 1966Bradley Cooper may be dating this British model … a tumblr: Obama is checking your email

Kobe Bryant wins auction battle with his parents – 90 % of what they wanted to sell has been pulled. Also, they apologized. [ESPN]

The great-great-great nephew of “Shoeless Joe” Jackson was drafted by the Texas Rangers. [Dallas Morning News]

What happened to Cullen Finnerty? “Questions Linger About Death of Former Quarterback” [NYT]

Terrific look at why baseball games are taking so damn long. [Globe]

Twenty years ago last week, the great Drazen Petrovic died. [North Jersey.com]

“A pizza adorned with smoked beef bone marrow, pickled cabbage and sour cream won the title of pizza baker of the year for Jonas Karlsson at the Swedish pizza championships this week.” [The Local, via Pour Me Coffee]

What story do Birdman’s tattoos tell? [Fox Sports]

The awful truth about jogging. [Medium.com]

Interesting piece, for ESPN: Has America Progressed? [ESPN]

“Mind-controlled exoskeleton lets paralysed people walk.” [New Scientist]

The Bears have already given up on their 2011 1st round pick, Gabe Carimi. They shipped him to Tampa. [Tribune]

Exhale, Mets fans – Matt Harvey says his back is just fine. [NYDN]

Just a bear opening the door of a truck. No big deal.

Rihanna looks like fun, no?

Because you want to see it first!

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