VIDEO: Woman Pushes Beer Bottle in Face of Pacman Jones, He Punches Her in the Face

Pacman Jones, a cornerback for the Bengals, was arrested earlier today on one count of assault for punching a female outside of a bar. Before Jones was arrested, he tweeted that he went after the woman after she hit him with a beer bottle, and he was just defending himself.

It didn’t take long for video to surface, and as Jones said, he was defending himself. Problem is, she didn’t throw a beer bottle at him, or hit him with it. As you can see at the 1:02 mark of this video, a woman pushes a beer bottle in the face of Jones – it looks like she pours beer on his face, maybe; depends on how much beer was in the bottle – and then the football player snaps with a quick left that knocks her down.

Jones has a rich history of doing stupid things, and now the Bengals will be faced with questions about why they just signed Jones to a 3-year, $5.35 million deal (only $1 million guaranteed). According to USA Today, this is the third time since October 2010 that Jones has been involved in an off-field incident in Cincinnati.

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[video via Artrell Hawkins]

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