Former USC Football Player: Trojans Assistant Coach Ed Orgeron Made Him 'Feel like a bad person' for Going to Class

USC v Hawaii

A college football assistant coach at a major program steering a player away from class? No way! I refuse to believe that happened!

Bob DeMars, a former defensive lineman with the USC Trojans, has a story to tell from the Paul Hackett era:

In order to show up on time for a required statistics course one semester, he says he had to leave spring practice twenty minutes early, once a week. His defensive line coach, Ed Orgeron, wasn’t happy. You motherf—-r, DeMars remembers Orgeron, who went on to become head coach at Ole Miss from 2005 to 2007, and is now back at USC as assistant head coach, shouting at him. “He M-F’d me all over the place,” says DeMars. “He made me feel like a bad person for going to class.”

I’m shocked that a coach would push athletics over academics. The nerve! Then again, the Hackett era was a desperate one, and USC needed to win. Which, I suppose, one could say about the 2013 Lane Kiffin season.

Orgeron is undeniably a great recruiter, but at Ole Miss he didn’t have any success as a head coach, and the high point of his tenure was appearing in The Blind Side. He didn’t talk to TIME about the story.

Because you want to see it first!

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