Mike Francesa Reacts to Tim Tebow Signing, Makes Strange Panting Noises, Confirms Tom Brady and Tebow are Both Male [VIDEO]

Mike Francesa learned of the Tim Tebow/Patriots news during his show yesterday, though unlike the rest of us mortals, Francesa was immediately able to explain exactly why the signing occurred. According to the silky smooth Adonis, Urban Meyer once coached Tim Tebow, and since Bill Belichick and Meyer happen to be very good friends, the Patriots went out and signed Tim Tebow. Nailed it.

Below are a few highlights from the rant that ensued following the blistering insider tutorial:

1:14-1:17 — Makes disturbing panting noises over the Tebow hoopla.

1:49 — Says Tebow competing for the No. 2 slot behind Brady is “about the same job that the Maytag repair man used to have, which means you do nothing!”

2:25 — What do Tebow and Brady have in common? “Nothing! They’re both males. That’s it.”

3:22 — If they took Brady out in favor of Tebow in a short yardage situation? “I would cheer! I will send them candy! And flowahs!”

You can tell the big fella’s not messing around here. Francesa sending candy to someone is the ultimate sign of respect. But apparently this whole thing comes back to the Patriots and how they “like to tweak people.” Which is really just Francesa’s bashful way of saying he would like his nipples tweaked by Bob Kraft.


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