Rochester Radio Guy Writes Horrible Rant Against Asian LPGA Golfers, Has Been Wiped Off the Station Website

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Craig Schaller, from what I can gather, is a weekend morning newscaster on WHAM 1180 in Rochester, New York, and also hosted the post game call-in show for the Rochester Americans hockey team on 1280 WHTK. He also apparently did some blogging on the WHAM website, up until Sunday afternoon at least.

That is when he decided to share his thoughts on the LPGA Tour, with the Wegman’s LPGA Championship taking place near Rochester last weekend. Boy, was it a doozy. WHAM has removed it from their website, along with all other previous posts from Schaller, and his bio. I have attempted to contact the sports director at WHAM to determine whether Schaller has been terminated or suspended, and we’ll update if that is confirmed.

Even though it has been removed, well, here it is.

If the first sentence of what you are writing starts with “I am sure I am about to offend another large group of athletes (and people)” then yeah, you might want to not continue.

The premise of Schaller’s position, as it were, is that there are too many Asians on the PGA Tour, and that they don’t speak English, so that causes him to not like watching people hit a golf ball. That doesn’t really do it justice, though. For example:

I remember watching generation after generation of hotties, starting with Jan Stephenson in the early 80’s.  There was Laura Baugh, then Lauri Peterson, who became Lauri Merten, then Peterson again, Natalie Gulbis and finally, Paula Creamer.  They were all fun to watch for every red-blooded american male, and they could play some good golf too.

Schaller then lets you know that it is not all those darn Asians’ fault; he also can’t follow the ball as well anymore. He is also not universally against fur-en-ners.

I don’t have a problem with many of the Mexican golfers, or Netherlands, or Swedes pr any of the other international golfers who play on tour.  Why?  Because most of them speak English!  They also have easily distinguishable names.  It’s hard to remember specific golfers when half of them seem to have names that sound like the sound you get when you bang pots and pans together.

Sounds reasonable. Not sure why everything associated with him has been deleted from the WHAM website.

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