One of Adrian Peterson's 14 Siblings is the Focus of a Drug-Dealing Investigation

For the second summer in a row, Adrian Peterson’s name is connected to a strange off-the-field controversy.

Last summer, while partying in Houston, Peterson was arrested after an odd incident at a club. His “resisting arrest” charge was later dismissed.

This summer?

One of Peterson’s 14 siblings, Ashton Stevenson, is currently the focus of a drug dealing investigation according to Fox 9 in Minnesota. While Stevenson was recently arrested, he hasn’t been charged with anything.

According to a search warrant, the Southwest Metro Drug Task Force conducted surveillance on the home. Detectives claim Stevenson was outside and appeared to be “expecting a package to be delivered” when the FedEx truck drove by. When the truck left, he went back inside empty-handed.

Police were back the next day for what they call a “controlled delivery.” A detective was driving the FedEx truck and dropped off the package. They came back hours later with the search warrant — but no one had opened the box.

The unopened package was found in the trunk of Stevenson’s Mercedes, and police said they found a small container of marijuana and an electronic scale inside the home. That’s when police made the arrest, but the formal charges never came.

Sources told FOX 9 News the investigation remains active, and Stevenson does have a record of arrests on marijuana possession in Texas and domestic calls in Minnesota.

Obviously with 14 siblings, nobody is going to connect Peterson to any of this, and the strangest part is that the media didn’t know the two were related … until Stevenson mentioned it. But eventually, the media (maybe?) would have done the homework and found what Fox did – Peterson was paying his brother’s rent, or at least cut the landlord a $7,500 check. Wonder if it’ll be the last one Stevenson receives from Peterson. [Fox 9]

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