Bill Simmons is Mad ESPN Edited His Joke About Dwyane Wade Visiting Germany Before Game 4 From a SportsCenter Replay

Bill Simmons recently had an employee leave New York City in a rental car on a 3-month road trip to “explain America.” That has nothing to do with this story, but I just wanted to share the most ridiculous thing an ESPN employee has ever actually thought out loud with you. In a much less outrageous, but still funnier act, Simmons joked about Dwyane Wade visiting Germany before Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

“Visiting Germany” isn’t a euphemism for sex in one of San Antonio’s less-historic districts. It’s something Simmons has been joking about since some of his favorite players (Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez most prominently) went to Germany to get an experimental procedure done that gave them a little “boost.” If you haven’t connected the dots by now, when someone visits Germany for medical treatment, they are probably getting some advanced theraP-E-D that professional sports leagues have no idea how to test for.

Immediately after the Heat beat the Spurs, Simmons joked on ESPN about Wade visiting Germany before his turn-back-the-clock, 32-point, 6 rebound, 4 assists, 6 steal, 1 block performance. Since that is basically a PED accusation without actually uttering those dirty little words, ESPN edited the joke from a replay of SportsCenter. Censorship!

Unfortunately, we can’t find video of the live SportsCenter because it happened after 1 am and no one is watching SportsCenter at that hour except for the maniacs who call in rules violations to golf tournaments. Instead of moving on because no one cares about a played-out PED joke about Dwyane Wade, Simmons took to Twitter to rip his employer and his co-worker Stephen A. Smith. It doesn’t sound like Simmons is too happy with his studio job.

Because you want to see it first!

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