Atlanta Radio Station Made Fun of Steve Gleason and his ALS on Same Day He Guest Wrote MMQB [UPDATE: Audio & Hosts Fired]

Steve Gleason

Steve Gleason wrote the guest article for Monday Morning Quarterback today. Gleason, who has ALS, did so with the use of eye tracking technology that allowed him to write the column. A truly inspiring story.

[UPDATE II: The station has fired the three individuals involved.]

A show on ESPN’s affiliate in Atlanta, 790, called “Mayhem in the AM” apparently thought it would be a good opportunity to make fun of Gleason’s condition. We don’t know the full specifics of what was said, but according to this message board at tigerdroppings.com, it involved pretending that Gleason called in and was talking through a computer, including knock knock jokes. The station has not released the audio from this morning as of yet. It is doubtful they will if the jokes are as tasteless as some claim.

One of the hosts, though, has already issued an apology, without specifically referencing Gleason, presumably in light of the large outcry over the segment.

[UPDATE I: Rick Mack, the GM for the station, has released a statement announcing that the members of the show involved with the incident have been suspended indefinitely.]

Update with audio originally run by WMTI in New Orleans, including the following:

“knock, knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Smother who?”

“Smother me, do me a favor?”

So yeah, every bit as bad as you might imagine.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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