It's Weird How Nobody is Remotely Panicking About the Heat Being Down 3-2 (Except Dan LeBatard)

Let’s get Miami’s changes for Games 6 & 7 (yes, it’s going 7) out of the way early:

1) Get Mike Miller out of the starting lineup. It has taken him completely out of his game. He was hot off the bench early in the series; in the two games he has started, he hasn’t made a shot. Assuming the Spurs keep Manu Ginobili in the starting lineup, here’s a thought: Shane Battier. Yes, he’s had a rough postseason. But he’s a good defender and maybe the two three’s he hit in Game 5 snapped him out of his funk.

2) Wither Birdman? He played well against Indiana, but didn’t get off the bench during the last two games. I haven’t heard anyone explain why this is. As easily as the Spurs got to the rack in Game 5 (Norris Cole couldn’t stop penetration to save his life), Birdman would at least form a last line of defense. Also, the home crowd loves him. I’d play Birdman over Haslem backing up Bosh.

As for the series … nobody (except Dan LeBatard) seems remotely concerned with Miami’s 3-2 deficit. Should anyone be? A few years ago, the Celtics led the Lakers 3-2 when the series shifted back to LA, and the Gasol/Kobe tandem led the Lakers to the title.

Why can’t LeBron pull off the same feat? Vegas has made the Heat 7-point favorites for Game 6, which is the highest spread in the series so far.

Short of an injury to Wade or LeBron, I don’t think the Spurs will be able to pull it off, even though they haven’t lost two in a row since … I believe it is the Paleozoic era, right?

I’m thinking Heat by double figures in Game 6, and then Game 7 is a nail biter, just like Game 1. Except LeBron and the Heat are victorious.

Because you want to see it first!

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