Jim Harbaugh: High School Yearbook Photos Show Not Much Has Changed But the Short Shorts

James Harbaugh Senior Photo

Jim (James) Harbaugh, Class of ’82 at Palo Alto (Paly) High School. His father was an assistant coach at Stanford at the time. Fast Times at Ridgemont High was the movie hit of the summer, and a young Jim Harbaugh looked like he could be an extra for the film. Other than the hair wings over the ears and the short basketball shorts, though, little has changed. These high school photos come courtesy of a reddit user¬†who says his wife’s uncle went to school with Harbaugh.

There he is, showing off the guns and the short shorts in basketball. The Palo Alto Patch also recently published a slideshow with photos of Harbaugh from high school including school newspaper clips.

Jim Harbaugh showing off the guns at a young age

Jim Harbaugh in spread formation

Jim Harbaugh in Dazed and Confused

Because you want to see it first!

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