Mario Balotelli Scores Goal, Kicks Own Shoes, Shouts Out Drake; All in a Day's Work


The wonderful “Mario Balotelli does thing” meme continued during the Confederations Cup Sunday, as the Italian striker once again alternated brilliance with ridiculous. In the 2-1 victory against Mexico in Rio Balotelli a) scored a goal b) got a yellow card for taking off his shirt to celebrate said goal and finally c) kicked his shoe in frustration after a failed penalty appeal. (Who kicks his own shoe?)

Oh right, he also dedicated the goal to his bro Drake.


That’s what you get with Balotelli, all in one serving. Sooner or later his act and antics are going to wear thin. The immaturity of getting a yellow card for celebrating a goal, in an international tournament, could one day cost the team since Balotelli has a Gronkowski-like inclination to doffing his top to celebrate.

Still, the Balotelli express is still amusing to watch, for the time being. More enjoyable would be a mature Balotelli making headlines for his goal-scoring prowess alone.

Perhaps during the next two weeks in Brazil during the Confederations Cup, some of Andre Pirlo’s understatedly handsome brilliance can rub off on Balotelli.

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