Jon Hamm, Real Life Cardinals Fan, Appreciated the Mad Men Writers Putting in a Dig Against the Mets

Jon Hamm was on location in Atlanta, Georgia for the filming of “Million Dollar Arm,” where he is playing an agent for two kids from India who win a contest and travel to the United States to become pitchers. He sat down with the Sporting News for an interview about the film.

Conversation turned to St. Louis Cardinals’ fandom for the Missouri Native.

SN: The past two seasons of Mad Men have been set in 1967 and ’68, and it just so happens your Cardinals went to the World Series each of those years. Have you ever tried to get Matthew Weiner (the writer of the show) to mention that?

HAMM: You know, I wish we could. The show is scripted so specifically. There was a dig at the Mets this year, which was good enough for me.

That dig happened in the episode a week ago, (recapped here by Ty Duffy) when Don Draper responded that he was glad Arnold did not ask him to go to a baseball game, when he had mostly Mets tickets.

The next season will be set in 1969, so let’s all agree not to let Hamm know what happens with the Mets next year. The show’s writers may turn him into a bandwagon Mets fan.

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