Tim Duncan Scores 25 in the First Half Against the Heat, Miami in Trouble

Tim Duncan lit up lazy-ass Chris Bosh for 25 points (!) in the first half, as San Antonio ended the first half on a 17-4 run to snag a 50-44 lead. (Let’s get this out of the way early: Bill Simmons totally predicted this in the pregame. Moving on …) Bosh let Duncan go 8-for-8 before getting yanked for Birdman, who played well and brought energy to Miami, but also picked up three fouls. Then The Big Fundamental went back to work against Bosh and finished the half 11-for-13. As a team, the Spurs are shooting 58 percent.

Did I mention Duncan is 37-years old?

Did I mention Duncan has more points at the half than the Big 3 on Miami combined? LeBron has nine, and Wade and Bosh have six each. I won’t get started on LeBron settling for his jumper (3-for-9 shooting) in the face of Boris Coleslaw … because if this continues, we’ll spend 94% of tomorrow on this very topic. (The Bobcats waived Boris Diaw 15 months ago. Let that sink in.)

Five percent dedicated to Duncan’s greatness, and how he should be a Top 10 player in NBA history, perhaps Top 5.

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Related: Tim Duncan Scores 25 in the First Half Against the Heat, Miami in Trouble

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