John Wall Tattoos Are of the Raleigh Skyline and 'The Great Wall'

john wall tattoosjohn wall tattoo torsoJohn Wall, who came into the NBA with no tattoos, now has several. Plenty, actually. In fact, his business ink – similar to Kevin Durant‘s – is all over his torso and back. He certainly has to be the first NBA player with a tattoo of the Raleigh skyline on his torso. Via Dan Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog:

Harris created an homage to Raleigh on Wall’s midsection, complete with the skyline, area code and signature interstate-40 road sign of the point guard’s hometown — “kind of a tribute to where he started,” as Harris put it. “All his stomach tattoos represent where he’s from.”

A star adorns the middle of Wall’s chest. Above one breast is a tribute to his mother, which includes her name. On his back are the words “Great Wall,” made out of bricks; Harris eventually plans to tattoo the University of Kentucky logo — and possibly other symbols — on top of that “wall.”

Enter your unoriginal “brick wall” jokes here. [Photos via Instagram via DC Sports Bog]

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