Miami and San Antonio Game 6 Thriller Generated a Monster 14.7 Overnight TV Rating

LeBron’s 4th quarter 14-point explosion. Ray Allen’s clutchness. Chris Bosh’s blocks.

It all added up to the best overnight TV rating of the NBA Finals: 14.7. Previously, Game 4 was the best-rated game of the series (10.0).

It’s the highest TV rating for an NBA game since Game 7 between the Lakers and Celtics in 2010 generated a 15.6.

In Game 7, Thursday, could ABC get lucky and hang a 20, the way Jordan did in the late 90s? LeBron’s Game 6 close-out loss to Dallas in 2011 generated a 13.3 rating.

LeBron will either fall to 1-3 in the NBA Finals, or even his record at 2-2. I’m sure Jordan’s 6-0 mark in the Finals will be mentioned a few times in the next 36 hours.

Because you want to see it first!

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