Chair-Throwing Brawl at Popeyes in Massachusetts Ends With 4 Arrests [Video]

The Popeyes in the Westgate Mall in Broxton Brockton, Massachusetts is usually such a nice place to grab lunch. That wasn’t the case Tuesday when a brawl that started in a nearby shoe store spilled into the eatery. Punches, chairs and even jars of rice were thrown. One nose was broken, four people were arrested. As with any big production, there was one stand-out star. From Enterprise News:

Joshua Taylor, 22, of 121 Walnut St., will be charged with affray, two counts of felony malicious damage and intimidation
of a witness.

Police say Taylor threatened to kill a witness who pointed him out to police, and later kicked in the door panel on the cruiser and bent one of the bars on the cruiser window.

Taylor was too “out-of-control” to be booked immediately Tuesday night, police said.

Too out of control for the police! Brockton, Mass goes hard!

Because you want to see it first!

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