5 Moments When Baseball Players Could’ve Used Some Sunglasses

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Fans have seen it 100 times…that moment when a player loses the ball he was tracking in the sun or the lights of a stadium. He goes from professional athlete to helpless child in a split second because after all, there is a ball hurtling towards him of which he does not know the whereabouts. Hunter Pence Has His Glasses on Top of His Hat....SmartSome players duck, some shield their faces, others opt for the classic “Where Is It?” gesture with their hands out to their sides. In the end, regardless of how they misplay the ball, they all made errors in the field because they opted against wearing eyewear.

It is 2013, the earth is getting warmer, the sun feels brighter and sunglasses are essential to catching fly balls and pop ups during day games. Here are some of the best of the best when it comes to losing the ball in the sun.

5) Jeff Keppinger Loses Pop-Up in the Sun

4) Jay Bruce Loses Fly Ball in the Sun –

3) Marcel Ozuna Completely Misplays Will Venable’s Homerun Ball

2) Rickie Weeks (No Sunglasses) Bailed Out by Jean Segura (Sunglasses)

1) Jose Canseco Takes Ball Off the Head in Outfield for a Homerun –

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