Aaron Hernandez Banned From the Patriots Facility, According to the Boston Herald

Super Bowl XLVI

Aaron Hernandez, after getting his house cleaned, destroying his home surveillance system and his cell phone, had nothing else to do Thursday as the media surrounded his house, waiting for a morsel.

So the Patriots tight end hopped in his SUV and went to the team facility.

But there was no practice. There was no scheduled team activity. Hernandez, facing questions from police about a murder investigation, went to the one place he knows: the football field.

Except, according to the Boston Herald, the $41 million tight end was persona non grata.

Hernandez, 23, was allowed in the building, but staff was waiting for him and instructed him to leave, the source told the Herald.


That’s somewhat understandable, as anyone who spoke with Hernandez could then become part of the police investigation.

But at the same time, Hernandez isn’t yet guilty of anything, and for a franchise and coach that loves taking on troubled players as reclamation projects, it feels a bit harsh. [via Herald]

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