New Jersey High School Sports Put Ban on Trash Talking

Remembering Actor James Gandolfini - New Jersey

Think you have a great ‘yo mama’ joke ready to zing somebody with? If you’re a high school athlete in New Jersey, best keep it to yourself or at least until the game is over and you’re off school grounds.

Thursday, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association passed a policy where players and schools could be penalized or even investigated by state officials via anti-bullying laws for trash-talking during events.

Does this fall under the “further decline of Western Civilization” auspices? Or is a little decorum, even if it has to be through law, something we’re willing to live with?

Enforcement of the policy could prove difficult. Would saying something like, “Yous guys suck,” within earshot of a referee or umpire turn into a suspension? [via NBC NY]

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