Fan's Chicago Blackhawks Tattoo Celebrates Team's 2013 "Stanley Cup"

Blackhawks Stanley tattoo

Russell Pederson is a confident Chicago Blackhaws fan. Is confident the right word?

After his beloved team hoisted the Stanley Cup in 2010, he got a large tattoo on his right arm commemorating the franchise’s championship years. That’s a fairly normal decision compared to the one he made Wednesday when he went ahead and added a “2013” to his ink. That bit of bravery was done before the Blackhawks evened up the series with a thrilling overtime win in Game 4.

I’m sure at no time during that seesaw affair did he regret his decision.

“I don’t believe in jinxes,” Pederson told NBC 5. “I do believe it’ll go seven games, but I’m confident the Hawks are going to win the Cup.”

Pederson has a contingency plan of turning the 3 to an 8 if Chicago wins it all in 2018, so maybe he really thought this through after all.

[Image via NBC Chicago]

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