Maria Sharapova on Serena Williams: "Maybe She Should Talk About Her Relationship & Her Boyfriend That Was Married"

2012 French Open - Day Fourteen

Maria Sharapova returned fire at Serena Williams during today’s pre-Wimbledon press conference. Get your popcorn ready.

Williams has a rumored romance with coach Patrick Mouratoglou, who is recently divorced. Neither has discussed the nature of their relationship.

In a Rolling Stone interview — the same one that led to Williams apologizing to the Steubenville rape victim and her family — the reigning French Open champion discusses a woman widely believed to be Sharapova.

“There are people who live, breathe and dress tennis. I mean, seriously, give it a rest.” Serena exits the car and the conversation moves on to a top-five player who is now in love. “She begins every interview with ‘I’m so happy. I’m so lucky’ – it’s so boring,” says Serena in a loud voice. “She’s still not going to be invited to the cool parties. And, hey, if she wants to be with the guy with a black heart, go for it.”

Sharapova is dating Grigor Dimitrov, who was once linked to Williams. Small world.

The No. 1 and No. 3 ranked players having an open war of words as the sport’s biggest tournament begins play might not be “good” for the game, but it will undoubtably spice things up.

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