Brek Shea Shows Off His Guns in Most 'Bro' Picture Ever


This is American midfielder Brek Shea a native of a College Station, Texas. He currently plays for Stoke City in England’s Premier League. Take a second to marvel at this photo he posted to his Instagram account (briefly) on Monday afternoon. Shea ticks off nearly every possible item on the “Bro” summer outfit checklist … along with two firearms.

You can take the Texan out of Texas, but you can’t Texas out of a Texan. (Alternately: bros will be bros.)

In the future when U.S. National Team supporters chant with a tinge of irony, “America … Fuck Yeah,” this photo shouldn’t be too far out of mind.

Shea has since deleted the photo from his account.

[h/t @StarsStripesFC]

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