Couple Marries at Detroit Minor League Soccer Game & It Was Magical [Video]

The Northern Guard Supporters like to fancy themselves hooligans of the Detroit City Football club, a minor league soccer team. Fandom is so serious that before Sunday’s game against Buffalo, the club hosted a wedding for fans Alex Spawr and Katie Forzley-Spawr. The details sound like a wedding that Bill Hader’s Stefon would describe on Saturday Night Live. From MLIVE.com:

As Murray Forzley walked his daughter to the center arch, in lieu of a church organist, hooligans improvised the music to “Here comes the Bride” with a series of chants, claps and stomps.

Their kiss was accompanied by a chaotic medley of smoke bombs, claps, hollers and drum beating that morphed into a more cohesive upbeat chant of, “Let’s get (expletive) married.”

“I know Niagara Falls is a good place to get married, like Le Rouge games would be the perfect place to get married,” said Paz, 46, of Detroit’s Mexicantown. “When we started chanting, “Let’s get (expletive) married,” I almost feel like I never wanted to get married, but now…

Plus, there was this guy:


This wedding had it all.

Because you want to see it first!

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