Scottie Pippen Arrested Talks to Police About Allegedly Beating Autograph-Seeker to a Pulp [UPDATE: Not Arrested]

scottie-pippen-is-broke-but-his-wife-is-hotScottie Pippen, seen here with his gorgeous wife, Larsa, will be chatting with police soon [UPDATE: Arrested!] because the former NBA star allegedly knocked out an autograph-seeker in Malibu. [UPDATE: 6:00 pm – Scottie Pippen has not been arrested yet, per the Chicago Tribune, but he did speak with police.]

TMZ reports that Pippen knocked the dude out, then kicked him, sending this gentleman to the hospital:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department tells us … Pippen has since been named as a suspect in a report for assault with a deadly weapon — the deadly weapon being his shoes. We’re told Pippen repeatedly kicked the 50-something-year-old victim when he was down.

As one source put it, “He beat the f*** out of him.”

According to witnesses, the fight started after the alleged victim approached Pippen for an autograph. We’re told Pippen said no, and something happened to set off the fight.

A family member of theĀ alleged victim tells us, he was released from the hospital this morning with broken teeth, a swollen mouth, as well as back and head injuries.

Pippen is 6-foot-8. He also made millions in the NBA (and then, according to the Sun-Times, had some financial woes). Also, his wife was on the Real Housewives of Miami, which is part of a horrible reality empire. [via TMZ]

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