John Wall Column About Tattoos and a Max Contract is One of the Worst Sports Columns of 2013

John Wall will be out to start the yearJohn Wall, max contract guy? We went over this in March, when he was enjoying the best month of his young career. Wall’s only 22, and while he hasn’t done anything to warrant Stephen Curry money, the Wizards probably have to offer him something in the neighborhood of that or risk losing their best player. And for a moribund franchise, you simply can’t lose Wall and start over again.

But nothing has changed on the Wall front since the season ended, so why are we talking about this?

Because John Wall got tattoos last week. Take it away, Jason Reid of the Washington Post!

Factor in that Wall is expected to receive a huge payday from the Wizards next month, and the timing of his tattoo revelation raises questions about his decision making. For a franchise with a history of backing the wrong players, that’s food for thought.

No. One hundred thousand times no. The tattoo revelation does not raise questions about decision making. Sorry. More from Reid:

James, Durant and Rose, in that order, are considered the best players in the game. In his first three seasons, Wall didn’t appear in an all-star game, didn’t participate in the playoffs or lead the Wizards to so much as a .500 record. James and Rose never tried to sell mass-appeal images to the public. They just let their play do the talking.

You can cover your body in ink … if you’re one of the best players in the game. Did I read that correctly?

Is the entire edifice of Reid’s column built on John Wall getting the Raleigh skyline on his torso and a wall inked onto his back? Somewhere, David Whitley knows how Reid is feeling today, which is, grasping for a mulligan while buried under a tsunami of criticism. Why do columnists struggle mightily when they wade into the tattoo discussion? Why navel gaze about tattoos, anyway? [via The Washington Post]

Because you want to see it first!

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