Scottie Pippen: Source Says Autograph Seeker Spit on Pippen and Screamed N Word at Him

Scottie Pippen talked to police in Malibu this week about an alleged beating at a restaurant. The initial TMZ report attributed it to an autograph seeker being told no, and then “something happened to set off a fight.”

If the new report is to be believed, that something was the person spitting on Pippen and calling him the N-word, via the New York Daily News.

“Can you imagine, you’re out to dinner with your wife, your four kids and your mother-in-law, and someone calls you the N-word and starts to get physical?” the source said, calling the alleged victim’s story a “crock.”

The source also claims that the man had no injuries when Pippen left, and Pippen’s lawyers says he is considering a counterclaim for assault and making a false police report.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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