Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder and Other Gun Charges in Death of Odin Lloyd [UPDATE to Include Prosecutorial Statements, Hernandez Held Without Bail]

Aaron Hernandez has been arrested and charged with first degree murder in the death of Odin Lloyd, along with five other counts related to firearms possession. When the news first broke last week, Hernandez was not identified as a suspect, but was tied to the crime because of a rental vehicle. Then, news began to emerge that he knew the victim, Odin Lloyd (it turned out that Lloyd was dating the sister of Hernandez’ girlfriend).

After that, the leaks began to come out about Hernandez’ lack of cooperation. Was it because he did it or because he was hiding information and knew what happened? Well, the reports came out that he had destroyed evidence, including destruction of a surveillance system, his cell phone, and potentially by having a cleaning crew at the house the day after the murder. News came out about the victim being with him that night, along with two other men, and of shots being heard in the middle of the night.

Today, the prosecutors charged him with murder, though, so they must believe the evidence points to his involvement being far more serious than just an observer or accessory after the fact.

[UPDATE: The prosecutor is reading details of the allegations, included in those:

There were 6 to 8 hours of surveillance video missing from Aaron Hernandez home. However, police tracked the location of the rented silver Nissan Altima moving via cell phone towers. The prosecutor also discussed surveillance footage from businesses such as gas stations along route matching up with the timing of where the Nissan Altima was located.

The victim texted his sister after 3 AM (at 3:07), “did you see who I am with?”. At 3:22, he responded by text “NFL, just so you know” at 3:22, at about the time that law enforcement sees the car passing a gas station on video near Hernandez’ home and the industrial park.

The time of death was between 3:23 and 3:27 when the vehicle heads toward the industrial park, and re-emerges in video four minutes later. Workers on night shift claim to have heard gun shots.

Surveillance video from businesses again sees the vehicle emerge, and when the vehicle arrives at Hernandez’ home and is picked up on his own cameras, he is seen exiting the vehicle with firearms in his hand–as well as the two associates exiting the vehicle with him. They then are seen on video walking downstairs, where he turned off surveillance.

The prosecutor said that the black semi-automatic handgun seen in the video was not found.

Hernandez was upset about Lloyd talking to some people that he did not like, on Friday. He called Lloyd to the house, and called friends to the house that evening. The prosecutor referred to it as an execution at one point, and the prosecution is seeking no bail for Hernandez.]

[UPDATE #2: After the defense got up to claim it was a weak circumstantial case, the Court ordered that no bail would be granted for Hernandez].

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