Columnist: Aaron Hernandez Murder Charge Helps Tim Tebow's Chances to Make the Patriots

boston herald tim tebow coverIt all comes back to Tim Tebow, of course! Even the Aaron Hernandez arrest and murder charge!

George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel, the floor is yours. Via the Orlando Sentinel:

In this case, it’s the clink  of the cellblock closing in on Aaron Hernandez, and the heavens parting for Tim Tebow.

Hernandez’s misery is a win for Tebow.

I’ve said this all along: Tebow’s best shot at staying employed in the NFL is to give up the QB thing and switch positions. Look for Tebow to be part of several packages, an H-Back deal, maybe some work at tight end, and a special teams slot.

To review:

Aaron Hernandez, Biggest Loser.

Tim Tebow, Big Winner.

Diaz posted this in the hours after the Hernandez arrest; Diaz actually updated the blog post – one could argue it was in poor taste – after Hernandez was charged with murder. [via Sentinel]

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