White Sox Botch a Pop-up in Total Mets Fashion Causing Hawk Harrelson to Lose It [Video]


New York baseball fans haven’t forgotten the infamous “Luis Castillo play,” when the Mets second baseman dropped a routine, would-be game-ending pop against the Yankees back in an interleague game in 2009. YES Network is required, by FCC law, to show the clip at least six times per week. (Naturally, Alex Rodriguez hit the pop-up.)

Anyways, fast forward to Tuesday night in Chicago and a similar situation occurred with two outs in the ninth when the White Sox botched Daniel Murphy’s pop-up after Gordon Beckham plowed into Conor Gillaspie in front of the mound. The Mets were unable to capitalize after tying the game and the White Sox went on to win in the bottom of the ninth thanks to a two-out single by Alexei Ramirez.

Hopefully the Sox win cheered up broadcaster Hawk Harrelson. After the dropped pop-up the colorful Harrelson sat in the booth — stunned — by what happened, occasionally mumbling something incoherent for about two minutes.

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