Dwight Howard Unlikely to Sign with the Lakers, Headed to Rockets, Mavericks or Clippers According to ESPN's Chris Broussard

Dwight Howard is rapidly turning into the Alex Rodriguez of the NBA – a petulant, demanding lout who nobody likes and always picks the worst time to say or do anything. Tonight is the NBA Draft, so naturally, Howard decided this was the ideal time to put a bug in the ear of his ESPN pal Chris Broussard: I’m probably leaving the Lakers.

Wednesday, the Lakers hung up a “STAY” banner at Staples, because they want the 27-year old to stay in the purple and gold. Thursday morning, they were greeted with a report from Broussard – remember, he and Howard have a history and are close – that the once-great center is willing to leave $30 million on the table (how do the Baby Mamas feel about that!) just to get out from under Mike D’Antoni’s system.

Broussard lists three hopeful destinations for Howard: The Clippers (yeah, good luck), the Mavericks (you mean the team rebuilding more than the Lakers?) and the Rockets (as I’ve speculated for awhile, there’s something here). Broussard backpedaled a bit in another tweet, saying the Lakers have little chance to keep Howard, but he’s notoriously fickle, so who really knows.

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Remember last August when the Lakers traded for Howard, and the Nash/Kobe/Gasol/Howard quartet instantly made them Title contenders? Injuries, coaching changes, and chemistry ruined all of that. Hell, there was even talk of trading Pau Gasol last season! After the Howard deal, the consensus was the Magic got shafted, and the Lakers and 76ers were the big winners. The Magic did suck, but at least a couple players from the deal looked impressive. The Lakers were a disaster. The 76ers never got one minute out of Andrew Bynum and missed the playoffs.

So, Daryl Morey – who are you packaging to send to the Lakers for Dwight Howard? Everyone but James Harden is in the mix. My guess is a 3rd team has to get involved, but what ‘star’ are the Lakers going to get in return?

You know who isn’t thrilled with this development? The Heat and Cavaliers. No Howard means the Lakers will definitely be in the LeBron mix in the summer of 2014.

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