Matt Light on Aaron Hernandez: I "Never Believed in Anything Aaron Hernandez Stood For."

aaron hernandez arrested

Matt Light, recently retired left tackle of the New England Patriots, was asked on Tuesday for his thoughts on Aaron Hernandez. The writer, Tom Archdeacon, said that he has never heard Matt Light say anything bad about any teammate. Light delayed for several seconds trying to think of what to say: “I never talk about other guys, but I will say I have never embraced – never believed in – anything Aaron Hernandez stood for.”

These comments came a day prior to the police arriving at Hernandez’ home and leading him away in handcuffs, and before Hernandez was charged with first degree murder. The Patriots released him yesterday, and you can expect silence to come from Belichick and the rest of the current Patriots on the matter. I heard Wes Welker on the Dan Patrick Show last week after the news came out. Welker had been discussing other topics when a Hernandez question came up, and it was pretty clear that he wanted nothing to do with saying anything about his former teammate. Then news came out that the two had a confrontation right after Hernandez signed in 2010.

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