Roundup: NFL Ponzi Scheme, Alec Baldwin Twitter Meltdown, Personal Yeezus

FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2013 - Launch PartyRosie Jones … Alec Baldwin got mad on Twitter last night. … Aaron Hernandez wearing a ‘Cold Blooded’ t-shirt. … ‘Breaking Bad’ body disposal doesn’t work in real life. … Darren Daulton diagnosed with two brain tumors. … Dan Dakich, not a fan of “the media.” … Machete attack in Arkansas. … Meanwhile in Florida. … Paul Deen’s books No. 1 on Amazon. … ‘Knife Gang’ attack on police station in China leaves 36 dead. … Remembering Harvard rowing coach Harvey Parker.  … Exploding Actresses. … Coyotes/Glendale still trying to work it out. … Ken Marino and Tim Heidecker will be in Season 4 of “Eastbound & Down.” … I wanna be John Elway. … Darlington Nagbe has some fancy footwork. … Mark Messier leaves Rangers front office. … 1909 American League baseball. … Antonio Candreva’sPaneka penalty in Spain/Italy Confederations Cup semifinal. … Woman who killed Fred Lane now runs a summer day camp in Raleigh. … Red Sox fan wins $4.3 million settlement after stabbing.

David Chase eulogizes James Gandolfini. [HitFix]

Ponzi Scheme cost NFL and NBA players millions. [Forbes]

Your own, personal …. Yeezus? [Dan Chamberlain]

36-year-old Minor Leaguer toils on. [Grantland]

Miami enjoy the Heat, before the water rises. [Rolling Stone]

Hot, outdoor sex, Philly-style. [HyperVocal]

University of Florida’s all-arrest team. [Alligator]

The evolution behind human’s being able to pitch. [NYT]

Open letter to America’s Worst Wax Museum. (photos here are choice) [Vice]

20 years of sausage races in Milwaukee. [Journal-Sentinel]

One Million Pandora plays = $16.89. [Trichordist]

Stallone … Schwarzenegger … The Escape Plan. (Planet Hollywood jackets: mandatory.)

Billy Mays passed away four years ago today.

13 minutes of highlights (and lowlights) from the last month of the Nippon Baseball League.

Don West has been a “trending topic” lately, I can’t be the only one who thought it was this Don West.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip on June 28, 1914 … so here’s the band named after him.

Because you want to see it first!

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