The Lakers Official Twitter Account Tweeted Out a Photoshopped Picture of the Beverly Hills Hotel With Howard On It

#STAYD12 pic.twitter.com/azI12oh2AY

— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) June 29, 2013

You may have seen the picture of the Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday tweeted out by the Los Angeles Lakers official Twitter account, with the hashtag “#STAYD12”.

What’s worse, that someone would actually do that, or that the photo would be a fake? Eric Pincus, a writer for the LA Times, drove by it on his way home, and confirmed that it was a photoshop stunt by the Lakers twitter account, and that nothing had been done to the actual hotel. What an embarrassing spectacle. I anticipate now hearing leaks from drama queen Howard’s camp about the hotel photo and how he doesn’t feel loved because they did not actually paint the hotel.



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